Friday, 3 September 2010

:o So i want to be a Bboy :o

Recently got into bboying and now I'm making a blog about it so how about that :o but I can still make time for
COD, coz my friends are like blaah blaah blaah but im so damn awesome at bboying now its so damn cool! 
I was at the gym yesterday and i was busting some super serious flares and this one guy was like WOAH SERIOUS FLARES BRO! then he started asking if he could practicing with me.  Obviously I helped the guy out and we were both busting some crazy baby freezes in no time, people in the gym were all looking at us and stuff, but its all about having fun, and we really had some fun :).  

I'll be back next time with some more crazy stories about my life :D

Till then

Easy Peasy, Lemon... Squeezy.

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